Experience the Lagos Street Carnival


12 January 2019

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Experience the Lagos Street Carnival

It is not only Calabar Carnival that is well celebrated in Nigeria. There are other mind-blowing festivals in the country that you may want to experience especially the Lagos Street Carnival. It is colourful, exciting and well planned.

Every Easter Monday in the city of Lagos is when the carnival is held to promote culture, arts and culture, parades and dance. We always see people from different parts of the world coming here to join Lagosians in this celebration.


The Tafawa Balewa Square


The Tafawa Balewa Square is where the largest turn out of the carnival holds. The grand finale of the carnival is witnessed here. The revelers are full of energy with their clapping, dancing and jumping around. You will feel the lively and pulsating vibe in the environment in this square. The Lagos Street Carnival has become the dream come true for those who may not be able to attend other carnivals.


The Carnival Proper


The Lagos Street Carnival is what rounds up the Lagos Black Heritage Festival. The kids and adults are involved in this with their bands who come from the different communities; Ikeja, Agege, Ikoyi, Oshodi, Agboju and Yaba. The revelers come around with their resplendent attires to entertain guests. The music blares loudly and the dance is electrical.


The Bands

There are so many bands that come around with their trucks that have baring music that makes the parades exciting. There are different routes for the kids and adults who are coming for this carnival. Most of the mapped out streets for this carnival are not spared with the littering, the stamping feet and the coloured attires. The revelers are joyful and enthusiasts who would make sure that there the carnival is great.


Artiste Performance


Who would you not see when you come to the Lagos Street Carnival? Some of the Nigeria’s favourite artistes are always coming here to entertain guests. There is no year that there are no lined up artistes who are going to make the street a party ground.


Lagos Hospitality


It is in this carnival that you would feel the hospitality of Lagos. This hospitality can be seen in the foods, drinks and souvenirs but mind you, these stuffs are not going to be handed to you without payment. You are definitely going to spend some money to get the finest of these stuffs.

We would let you know that it may not be all safe for you alone all there if you are new to the city, get someone who would help you move around during this carnival.

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